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Health & Fitness Tip of the Day #179

Michelle Caines | 19 Oct 2011 @ 08:10

Everybody moves differently and you can tell by the wear pattern of your shoes if your feet 'pronate' (roll inwardly) or 'supinate' (roll outwardly) when you walk and run. It is important to buy the correct footwear for your foot type especially if you are thinking of taking up running. You can request a salesperson at a reputable shoe shop to evaluate your gait and foot strike, but you can also perform a very simple 'wet test' Foot Wet-Testyourself.

To do this, wet your bare foot and then step on a piece of paper or another surface that will show your footprint. Stand normally when you do this with slight pressure toward the front of your foot. You're a pronator if most of your foot hits the floor, a supinator if very little of your foot hits the floor, and neutral if the foot print is somewhere between pronation and supination (pictured).


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