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Happy New Year 2012 - The Year to reach your Health & Fitness Goals!

Michelle Caines | 06 Jan 2012 @ 10:01

London 20122012 promises to be a key and historic year for Britain as a Nation. Not only do we celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on 5th June but we also are playing host to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London (27 July-12 Aug 2012 and 29 Aug-9 Sept 2012 respectively).

This should be inspiration enough for most of us to get on board and support the nation, starting at home.  I personally don't like the old cliche 'New Year New You', it's over used, so instead I will use, why not make 2012 the year to achieve your health and fitness goals!

At this time of year the fitness industry goes crazy, people are inspired to get fit post the Christmas binge, new gym memberships boom, something inside us all says new year, new start, out with the old etc.  The TV adverts are all geared towards holidays and our mindset turns to getting fit in order to do whatever it is we want to do be it lose weight, look better, feel better or to be in better health. 

The more competitive among us might choose to want to improve on a level of fitness that we are already at, be it improving a time or a distance in a race, lifting a heavier weight or trying something new.  Whatever you choose to do Make 2012 your best year ever!

Happy New Year!




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