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GymCompany is your one-stop shop for perusing a huge range of elliptical cross trainers, which are available to take home today at astonishing prices.

An elliptical cross trainer is effective as it allows you to go for both forwards and backwards movement while you training, thus presenting you with so many exercise possibilities.

For extra convenience, our brilliant selection is divided between fixed cross trainers packed with the latest technological features, as well as handy folding cross trainers.

We stock all the big-name brands too, so you are assured high quality from the likes of Life Fitness, Technogym and Precor.

Browse all of our elliptical cross trainers and make an order online without delay. Spend over £200 and you will receive FREE UK mainland delivery.
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At GymCompany we sell a huge range of Crosstrainers including: Life Fitness Crosstrainers, BH Fitness Crosstrainers, Sole Crosstrainers, Spirit Crosstrainers, Fuel Crosstrainers, Matrix Crosstrainers, Cybex Crosstrainers and many others. An Elliptical Crosstrainer , sometimes just called a crosstrainer, is a type of Fitness Equipment. An elliptical crosstrainer allows forwards and backwards movement which gives a lot of exercise possibilities. Some elliptical crosstrainers feature an incline so that you are exercising uphill. An elliptical crosstrainer may be the best choice for somebody who wants an alternative to a Treadmill . A crosstrainer offers a total body workout. Among people who want to exercise the most muscle mass during cardio training a crosstrainer, in a similar way to a rowing machine, gives a lot of bang for your buck. If you are buying only one piece of Gym Equipment for your Home Gym, a crosstrainer is a great choice.


Elliptical crosstrainers may be newer than treadmills and exercise bikes in the world of fitness but these crosstrainers have managed to gather a huge following among fitness enthusiasts in recent years. There are many reasons why an elliptical crosstrainer may be good for you. These crosstrainers will help you decide on what kind of machine is best for you, depending on your workout needs. When you compare crosstrainer with a treadmill, the biggest difference is that the elliptical crosstrainer involves low-impact exercises with great cardiovascular benefits. Although the treadmill offers the same kind of workout, your joints won’t be subjected to wear and tear on elliptical crosstrainers. For the most part, the crosstrainer will make you feel like you are gliding on air. You will definitely feel a big difference with crosstrainers in the comfort level of your knees and ankles as compared to a treadmill. So, if you are looking for better value for money, a crosstrainer is the answer.

When shopping for an elliptical crosstrainer, there are several elements to be considered. For beginners, there is a choice of crosstrainers that provide a basic workout at an affordable price. Advanced users may choose an elliptical crosstrainer with various exercise programs. One important aspect of elliptical crosstrainer machine is the stride length. A shorter stride length won’t provide all the muscles in your legs an effective workout. Taller individuals must check this feature or else the crosstrainer will prove ineffective. Lower end crosstrainers feature adjustable resistance belts while the more expensive machines have a magnetic resistance mechanism with fewer moving parts where you can expect fewer maintenance problems.

Elliptical crosstrainers are available in folding and non-folding designs so if you do have any space constraints, then the foldable crosstrainer is the ideal machine that can be tucked under your bed or in a closet. One of the major components of an ellicpitcal crosstrainer is the fly wheel. Larger fly wheels allow for better performance. You can choose a covered fly wheel crosstrainer if you want to keep sound levels to the minimum. This is the perfect way to work out even late at night without disturbing anyone.

It is advisable to evaluate crosstrainers based on these factors and find the best that will provide you with optimal workouts. The ideal crosstrainer machines ought to provide a low impact method of performing total body and cardiovascular exercises. They need to be weight-bearing as well since workouts are performed with your feet. Most exercises are performed with your feet on oversized pedals which will have very little impact on your joints and at the same time provide a total body workout.

Elliptical crosstrainers are equipped with grips for balance and movable arms to train the upper body. This ensures that you have a complete body workout for the legs and arms. Exercise bikes and treadmills may provide good cardio workouts but do not offer the opportunity to perform weight-bearing exercises. Elliptical crosstrainers are available in various types and styles for commercial as well as the home market. You can say goodbye to those expensive health club memberships if you get yourself a quality crosstrainer.

If physical training is something you opt for as a way to build your muscles and strength, then you will surely need to consider sourcing the right mix of home gym equipment and working out at home. This will help you maintain overall fitness, lose weight, improve muscular tone and improve cardiovascular fitness. Cross trainers and the more recently developed elliptical cross trainers offer you unmatched benefits compared to other gym equipment in one single package.

With cross trainers and elliptical crosstrainers, you can exercise your upper and lower body simultaneously for a complete workout within a short time. Crosstrainers work in a relatively simple motion while elliptical crosstrainers allow for more intense workouts with benefits similar to high impact exercises. At the same time, using elliptical crosstrainers reduces strain on the back, legs, and the joints. A crosstrainer with handlebars is better, allowing you to move the handles back and forth, resulting in better cardiovascular activities. Elliptical crosstrainers allow you to change the angle of inclination and thus the difficulty and intensity of workouts. As you progress, you can experiment with steeper angles. Since they offer weight bearing exercises, your bones are also strengthened along with the muscles. Newer models of crosstrainers and elliptical crosstrainers permit you to change resistance settings.

Crosstrainers and elliptical crosstrainers are available in a variety of types and styles with various features and levels of sophistication for the commercial and home market as well. Here is a great opportunity to save money on those expensive health club memberships and get yourself quality physical training at home with a crosstrainer.