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Let GymCompany and our superb collection of exercise bikes enable you to cycle without needing to put up with the UK weather.

An exercise bike offers a great way for you to get in shape in the comfort of your own home – no need to worry about a sudden downpour while you are pedalling then.

We have exercise bikes for sale in a whole host of eye-catching designs, so you are covered whether you like the relaxed appeal of a recumbent bike or the more demanding challenge of an upright bike.

For the complete cardio package, don’t forget to enhance your home gym further with a high-tech treadmill or train your entire body in one go using a rowing machine.

Have a look over all of our exercise bikes below and buy online today. We can ship your order anywhere around the globe.
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Fancy cycling but don't want to face the UK weather? An Exercise Bike might be the Fitness Equipment solution for you! With an Exercise Bike you can safely cycle in the comfort of your home gym. No traffic to deal with, and with no rain or wind to face, you don't need even need to get dressed. Of all the types of Gym Equipment available an exercise bike is one of the easiest to get started with. Just sit there and pedal! Most exercise bikes come with a wide range of programmes and many have heart rate interactivity, which means the exercise bike will adjust the intensity to exactly match your exertion. At GymCompany we sell a wide range of exercise bikes including: upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes and group cycling bikes. A good exercise bike can be the foundation of your fitness programme and would work well in conjunction with a Treadmill , Crosstrainer or Rower. Our most popular exercise bike brands are Life Fitness, Sole, Spirit, and BH Fitness.

Benefits of using an Exercise Bike
Everyone has at one point in life enjoyed the benefits of a bicycle. It is a great way to exercise, with the added benefit of fresh air, and open wide areas. However, it has become increasingly difficult to find the time or a clean, refreshing space to pedal away. This is why exercise bikes have gained popularity. In use from the 18th century in one form or another, with the same principle, exercise bikes have never gone out of fashion.

What do Exercise Bikes Do?

Exercise Bikes are similar to normal bicycles, but without true wheels. Thanks to advanced design and technology, an exercise bike is available in various formats, such as upright, recumbent and indoor bikes. These exercise bikes also carry various add-ons such as televisions, handle bars to allow an upper body workout, and the ability to exercise the antagonist group of muscles, by cycling backwards, since these muscles do not experience a workout in a forward motion. The advantages of using an exercise bike as a work out option numerous, especially for people with a weaker temperament towards exercise.

Uses of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikeshave been used for a long time for physical therapy, as the workout experienced on an exercise bike is a low-impact, safe and effective cardiovascular exercise. The main reason it is considered to a low-impact and safe exercise option is that using an exercise bike does not stress the joints or call for varied motions that some of other fitness machine do require. This means it is an excellent workout for people, who can easily strain their joints, and muscles. Exercise bikes have been used as a routine part of any weight loss program, especially as the main muscle groups exercised are the thigh, calf and abdomen. Using an exercise bike has shown to help the strength the user’s cardiovascular system contributing to a better quality of life.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Today you can find a range of exercise bikes aimed at giving to the greatest flexibility in your workouts. Upright exercise bikes provide an experience similar to cycling, with a focus on using the entire body’s weight in pushing the pedals, but some users find the posture difficult to maintain. To avoid this, recumbent exercise bikes have been developed, which help in supporting the back and subsequently the thigh, calf and abdomen muscles. Present exercise bikes also come equipped with screens, showing varies types of data, such as speed, resistance, calories burnt, distance travelled and lots more, which help users map out their exercise goals. If you are searching for a low-impact exercise workout, mainly to help maintain good health, with weight loss, an exercise bike is one of the best ways forward.